Corona and mental health

Corona outbreak has definitely caught the whole world off guard. Who would have ever thought that in life we would experience quarantine, isolations, lock downs and vacant roads and offices days. 
Corona epidemic has put the whole world to a standstill. And this situation is accompanied by a severe mental imbalance cases from all over the globe. 
Fear of present and future,
Health of own or family, fear of deaths, fear of staying alone,
Fear of severe financial losses,apprehensions and anxiety about life, all this has surfaced. 
Changes in sleep or eating patterns
Difficulty sleeping or concentrating
Worsening of chronic health problems like high BP or sugar. 
Worsening of mental health condition
Increased use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs are more to list. 
Difficulty in concentrating, irritability, aggression, crying, Difficulty in taking decisions are few to mention.

Everyone reacts differently to such difficult situations in life. Some just let it go and some ponder very seriously about present and future.

Ways to cope up with stress-
Just accept.... Acceptance Is not only important but the call of the day... Accept that this time will be over soon, accept that life will start again and however hard the situation seems we will make new ways. 
Meditation and yoga- stress and anxiety are superbly controlled by meditation and yoga... Make some time for these daily. 
Spend time with your family.
Eat healthy.
Make time for activities you have always loved but never got time to do. Sing, dance, paint, blog, write, read. Just do it... 
Help with daily chorus of house and children with studies. 
Take medicines regularly for your chronic ailments.
Amidst many negatives, a pollution free environment, clear star studded sky, clean roads and parks are few positives too.
Homeopathy works wonderfully in all mental imbalances. Contact Ayushmaan homeopathy for more information and assistance.

Aug 01, 2020


Low blood pressure, the most avoided medical condition I find in my daily practice, and i say avoided because i find people ,so used to and accustomed to it, that they adjust and accept it in daily life without doing anything about it. 
Hypotension or low blood pressure is a state of condition in which the force with with the heart pumps blood to the walls of arteries reduces.
The normal blood pressure is 120/80 mmHg but in hypotension it is well below 90/60mmhg.
Reduced blood volume- Due to haemorrhage, loss of blood or vital fluids, decreased fluids intake as in starvation or fasts.
Anemia and nutritional deficiencies.
Hormonal changes.
Some heart problems like arrythmias, valvular diseases etc
Over and misuse of medicines.
Prolonged bed rest.

Fainting (in very low blood pressure)
Chest pain.
Shortness of breath.
Stiff neck.                                            
Upper back pain.
Inability to focus.                                                        
Loss of vision, Fatigue/dullness, loss of consciosness (severe cases)
Shock (emergency situation needing urgent medical attention) in case of weak pulse, rapid heartbeat,confusion and rapid shallow breathing.

Yoga (Boat pose, fish pose, chair pose, surya namaskar, camel cat pose, triangle pose etc) are highly helpful but with consultation of a yoga teacher only.
A morning dose of caffeine(coffee) is found useful. Consult your doctor before making it a habit.
Add electrolytes to diet. Add salt to daily diet as it has sodium that will help improve blood pressure.
Avoid alcoholic beverages.
Drink plenty of water.
Crossing legs while sitting seems to help in many cases.
Eat small and frequent meals.
Avoid lifting heavy weights.
Do not stand up at one place for long.
Slightly raise the head rest of your bed.
Regular exercise.

Limit use of carbohydrates like rice, pasta, bread and potatoes.
Eat small portions over small intervals of time over the day.
Fruits like pineapple, papaya, apples, nuts, green leafy vegetables like spinach, whole grains .
BASIL - TULSI, a wonder food, Basil extract made from 10-15 leaves in water to be drunk every day.
SALT- To immediately control the situation, a glass water with a spoon of salt.
Eggs, Soups, Olives, Beans and citrus fruits.

Homeopathy works wonders in cases of low blood pressure by imrpoving the vital power and immunity of the patient and also treating the underlying physical causes of low BP. 
Lycopodium, Gloninum, Natrum mur, Gelsemium, Viscum Album, China, Ferrum metallicum , Baryta mur are few drugs that do wonders in my clinical practice. Proper case taking, individualisation and constituitional approach has always worked for me in treating patients.Never do self medication. WE ARE JUST A PHONE CALL AWAY. 
Contact us at for detailed treatment. Never avoid these states as they kill us from within like a slow poison.
                                        Dr Punita Soni


Aug 01, 2020

Renal stone

Renal calculi or kidney stone
A stone in the urinary tract anywhere in kidney, bladder, ureters or urethra. It could be associated with blood in urine or intense pain and frequent painful urination.
Common age group - 30-45 years
The end products of protein metabolism ( or digestion) like uric acid, phosphates and oxalates of sodium, potassium or magnesium , concentrate and precipitate or deposit to form stones.
Over sweating, warm climate, reduced water intake , infection of urinary system can induce stone formation.
Increased fats , calcium, meat, sugar and tea in diet and deceased fibres and vegetables cause stone formation.
Increase water intake to 2-2.5 litres per day to avoid .
Diet For Stone Patients
High fluids content 
Brown rice
Yogurt and dahi
Coconut water
Fresh fruit juices like beetroot juice, watermelon juice, ginger lemon water etc

Avoid totally
Cold drinks
High protein foods
Potatoes etc.

For detailed step by step daily diet chart for kidney stone patients and best homeopathic us at
Or drop a message here.

Aug 28, 2019


Dietary fibres and constipation in kids or adults

Dietary fibres or roughage is that portion of food which is not broken down completely by human digestive enzymes. It consists of starch,cellulose etc.
 They have high water holding capacity and viscosity therefore if we take less fibre diet, we are prone to constipation..
Constipation in kids is a major problem we face at our clinic. Mothers are usually very worried because their kids are prone to constipation and thereby nutritional deficiencies. We train mothers at Ayushmaan homeopathy to make their kids diet rich in fibre and also tasty and attractive to kids. 
Include the following in daily diets of your kids and see the magical difference...
Oatmeal- make it attractive by adding berries, walnuts, almonds and maple syrup.
Apples- 1 apple gives your kid 3.6 gm fibres
Popcorns- usually kids favourite...make it healthier by adding peanut butter.
Whole grain bread with peanut butter- we call this a FIBRE BOOST BREAKFAST...
Beans , lentils like rajma, chickpeas, yellow daal, green daal are all rich in fibres.
Nuts are an all time favourite.
Guava and banana are a tremendous source of fibres. Have these daily.

Aug 03, 2019

Vitamin c

Vitamin C

General properties:

Anti ageing
Prevents cancer
Prevents heart diseases
Reduces blood cholesterol
Wound healer
Helps in iron absorption
Repairs bones,teeth and cartilage

Deficiency symptoms:

Unhealthy gums
Pain in joints
Delayed wound healing
Slow bone growth
Rough dry damaged skin
Damaged hair
Easy bruising
Bleeding gums
Poor immunity

These are some wonderful sources of vit c...easily available in our kitchens...Guys...add all of them in your daily diet and be healthy and fit...

Jul 31, 2019

Magical Dates - khajoor

Dates – khajoor

An oddly wrinkled brown exterior, but satisfyingly flavourful (sweet) and chewy, dates or khajoor are highly nutritious.

Nutritional profile
Minerals, vitamins A and K, and dietary fibres rich dates are also very rich in iron, potassium and carotenoids. Vitamin A protects the eyes, maintains healthy skin and also protects lungs from cancer.
Dates are also rich in antioxidants which help in fighting diseases.
Copper, magnesium, manganese, zinc and niacin all are present in dates in good amount. These have great preventive as well as healing functions for the body.
The best nutritional aspect is that it contains no cholesterol and no saturated fat thereby making it highly favourable for anyone to eat. Since they are dried, their calorie content is high. Moreover calories in dates come from carbohydrates.  It is rich in proteins also.
Dietary fibre in khajoor benefits by preventing constipation, improving stool frequency and maintain blood sugar control.
Dates are natural excellent sweetener, good source of fructose and thus can make healthy substitute of white sugar.
Dates contain minerals like phosphorus, potassium, calcium etc. which can prevent osteoporosis. Not only they promote bone health but also make the skin beautiful. Consuming 2-3 dates daily will strengthen your hair follicles making them healthy.

A 100gm serving provides
Calories 277
Carbohydrates 75gm
Fibre 7gm
Proteins 2 gm.
Iron 5% of RDI (Recommended daily allowance)
Potassium 20% of RDI

Be careful – Dates are high source of calories so always eat them in moderation. Only 3-4 dates chopped (1/4 of a cup) at a time make a snack rich in nutrients. A smoothie can also be made with milk, fruits (seasonal) and khajoor.  Date milkshake and khajoor ka halwa (with no white sugar) are two healthy snacks which are rich in nutrition plus also can be taken by everyone.


Feb 08, 2019