Dietary fibres and constipation in kids or adults

Dietary fibres or roughage is that portion of food which is not broken down completely by human digestive enzymes. It consists of starch,cellulose etc.
 They have high water holding capacity and viscosity therefore if we take less fibre diet, we are prone to constipation..
Constipation in kids is a major problem we face at our clinic. Mothers are usually very worried because their kids are prone to constipation and thereby nutritional deficiencies. We train mothers at Ayushmaan homeopathy to make their kids diet rich in fibre and also tasty and attractive to kids. 
Include the following in daily diets of your kids and see the magical difference...
Oatmeal- make it attractive by adding berries, walnuts, almonds and maple syrup.
Apples- 1 apple gives your kid 3.6 gm fibres
Popcorns- usually kids favourite...make it healthier by adding peanut butter.
Whole grain bread with peanut butter- we call this a FIBRE BOOST BREAKFAST...
Beans , lentils like rajma, chickpeas, yellow daal, green daal are all rich in fibres.
Nuts are an all time favourite.
Guava and banana are a tremendous source of fibres. Have these daily.

Aug 03, 2019



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