Corona and mental health

Corona outbreak has definitely caught the whole world off guard. Who would have ever thought that in life we would experience quarantine, isolations, lock downs and vacant roads and offices days. 
Corona epidemic has put the whole world to a standstill. And this situation is accompanied by a severe mental imbalance cases from all over the globe. 
Fear of present and future,
Health of own or family, fear of deaths, fear of staying alone,
Fear of severe financial losses,apprehensions and anxiety about life, all this has surfaced. 
Changes in sleep or eating patterns
Difficulty sleeping or concentrating
Worsening of chronic health problems like high BP or sugar. 
Worsening of mental health condition
Increased use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs are more to list. 
Difficulty in concentrating, irritability, aggression, crying, Difficulty in taking decisions are few to mention.

Everyone reacts differently to such difficult situations in life. Some just let it go and some ponder very seriously about present and future.

Ways to cope up with stress-
Just accept.... Acceptance Is not only important but the call of the day... Accept that this time will be over soon, accept that life will start again and however hard the situation seems we will make new ways. 
Meditation and yoga- stress and anxiety are superbly controlled by meditation and yoga... Make some time for these daily. 
Spend time with your family.
Eat healthy.
Make time for activities you have always loved but never got time to do. Sing, dance, paint, blog, write, read. Just do it... 
Help with daily chorus of house and children with studies. 
Take medicines regularly for your chronic ailments.
Amidst many negatives, a pollution free environment, clear star studded sky, clean roads and parks are few positives too.
Homeopathy works wonderfully in all mental imbalances. Contact Ayushmaan homeopathy for more information and assistance.

Aug 01, 2020



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