Magical Dates - khajoor

Dates – khajoor

An oddly wrinkled brown exterior, but satisfyingly flavourful (sweet) and chewy, dates or khajoor are highly nutritious.

Nutritional profile
Minerals, vitamins A and K, and dietary fibres rich dates are also very rich in iron, potassium and carotenoids. Vitamin A protects the eyes, maintains healthy skin and also protects lungs from cancer.
Dates are also rich in antioxidants which help in fighting diseases.
Copper, magnesium, manganese, zinc and niacin all are present in dates in good amount. These have great preventive as well as healing functions for the body.
The best nutritional aspect is that it contains no cholesterol and no saturated fat thereby making it highly favourable for anyone to eat. Since they are dried, their calorie content is high. Moreover calories in dates come from carbohydrates.  It is rich in proteins also.
Dietary fibre in khajoor benefits by preventing constipation, improving stool frequency and maintain blood sugar control.
Dates are natural excellent sweetener, good source of fructose and thus can make healthy substitute of white sugar.
Dates contain minerals like phosphorus, potassium, calcium etc. which can prevent osteoporosis. Not only they promote bone health but also make the skin beautiful. Consuming 2-3 dates daily will strengthen your hair follicles making them healthy.

A 100gm serving provides
Calories 277
Carbohydrates 75gm
Fibre 7gm
Proteins 2 gm.
Iron 5% of RDI (Recommended daily allowance)
Potassium 20% of RDI

Be careful – Dates are high source of calories so always eat them in moderation. Only 3-4 dates chopped (1/4 of a cup) at a time make a snack rich in nutrients. A smoothie can also be made with milk, fruits (seasonal) and khajoor.  Date milkshake and khajoor ka halwa (with no white sugar) are two healthy snacks which are rich in nutrition plus also can be taken by everyone.


Feb 08, 2019



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