Diet consultation

Food we EAT - plays a major role in shaping our body plus mind. Today's busy hectic stress full lifestyle where we random get time for ourselves, it is very important to keep a track of the diet we are taking. Many lifestyle disorders are direct consequences of dietary faults.

Proper nutrition and a balanced diet is very important for the body to function properly and also helps reduce stress, gives a good sleep, provide body with energy.

Being a dietician, Dr Punita will provide you proper diet charts with details about what to eat and not to eat, portion sizes, calories count, disease specific diet plans, special super foods for specific diseases etc. Now you don't have to keep worrying what to eat and avoid. Expert advice about your food menu for the day is just a click away.

dsily-diet-chart.jpg            dsily-diet-chart.jpg

List of conditions and diseases for which one needs a special diet...

  • - Childhood nutrition
  • - Adolescent food behaviours
  • - Weaning
  • - Diet with and without beast feeding in infants
  • - Adult diet
  • - Diabetes
  • - Hypertension
  • - Thyroid
  • - Weight management
  • - Acne
  • - Joint diseases
  • - Hair fall
  • - Stomach disorders and hyperacidity
  • - Kidney or gallstones
  • - Kidney disorders
  • - Liver disorders
  • - Frequent cough and cold
  • - Low immunity
  • - And many more