Hair Fall

Do you panic at the sight of bunch of hair on your brush? Do you feel your pillow is full of hair when you get up in morning? Do you lose lots of hair while having a shower or shampooing? Do you feel embarrassed due to hair thinning or receding hair line? Is hair fall affecting your personality? If yes, Homeopathy gives plausible results in hairfall and the treatment has a very fair success rate! WHAT IS HAIR FALL? Hair fall is loss of hair due to a number of reasons. Hair fall can be limited to scalp or it can affect the entire body. Since most people associate hair fall with old age, poor self- image , it gets frustrating for both men and women. It can be a source of emotional, psychological and personal distress. Scalp full of dark thick hair is associated with beauty, youth, vigour . It gives you confidence and boosts your self esteem.