How does homeopathy works

Homeopathy is the treatment of diseases by minute doses of natural substances that in a healthy individual would produce symptoms of diseases. This is the principle of ‘like cures like’. Minute concentrations of any particular toxin have the potential to cure the same symptoms it causes, in larger doses.

Sources of homeopathic medicines-
Mainly Homeopathic medicines are derived from the following sources-
Plant kingdom
Animal kingdom
Mineral kingdom etc.

General instructions while taking homeopathic medicines-

  • Homeopathic medicines work well if taken empty stomach.
  • Do not eat/drink anything before or after taking homeopathic medicines.
  • Do not touch the remedy with your hands, use a spoon or cap.
  • Avoid use of any other sort of medicines, herbal or allopathic with homeopathic medicines.
  • Do not keep medicines near perfumes, kitchen, smoke or room sprays.
  • Do not smoke, chew tobacco or drink alcohol while taking homeopathic medicines as these have nullifying effect on medicines.
  • Dietary restrictions are variable depending on the disease.
  • Do not take medicines by your own will.
  • Take the dose recommended by the doctor for you.
  • Always keep the medicines out of the reach of children.
  • Do not stop the regular medicines you are taking for diseases like blood pressure, thyroid or diabetes without asking your doctor.

Facts and Myths

Myth- homeopathy is slow to act
Fact- homeopathy is fast acting even in most acute diseases like fevers, diarroea and infections .in chronic diseases of long duration however it may take some time so has been labelled as slow acting.

Myth- homeopathy only works in chronic ailments but is not suitable for acute diseases.
Fact- in almost all acute diseases, as common cold, fevers, sinusitis, hepatitis, pains, homeopathy is equally effective. Unfortunately people go to a homeopath usually much later when an acute problem has turned up to be a chronic ailment.

Myth-  Homeopathy cannot beat antibiotics and painkillers
Fact-    Infections of all types respond beautifully to homeopathic medicines.

Myth- homeopathy is just a placebo effect.
Fact- The effect of homeopathic medicines have been proved millions of times in various scientific detailed case studies. This is just a prejudice that homepathy has a placebo effect. The white sugar pills are used only a vehicle for administering medicines otherwise medicine can be taken orally as such or with water also.

Myth- homeopathy is practiced by some quacks.
Fact- homeopathy is a detailed curiculum which involves same subject approach as other system of medicines including homeopathic subjects. Only qualified physicians are allowed to practice homeopathy. In india there are over 200 medical colleges which conducts graduate and post graduate courses in homeopathy.the founder of homeopathy dr hahnemann md was a german scientist and most other homeopathic pillars were also enlightened doctors. Its high time homeopathy is accepted as one of the most successful resluts giving curing mode od medical science and come out of this useless debate, Thousands of people are cured by homeopathy in just 10 years of my small practice. Just imagine what wonders other homeopaths all around the country and around the globe must be doing.

Goal of homeopathy

The only goal of homeopathy is complete restoration of health.
Digital connection - Today when information and technology has become an answer to every search, homeopathy has also been advancing to provide a platform where people can easily connect. To save time, online consultations are the need of the day. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, know about pre and post phases of treatment, dietary aspects, modifications in diet and lifestyle needed for your condition etc.  Homeopathy articles and write-ups are very useful. Online approach also reduces the chances of drop outs as you are getting the medicine and other needful information at your doorstep.

Potential of Homeopathy

Homeopathy has been rightly called the medicine for the 21st century. Many problems arise due to over use of powerful medicinal substances vastly being used in today's medical scenario. Homeopathy offers a unique safe approach So it is generally known as side effects free system. Homeopathy is a natural pharmaceutical system that utilizes micro doses of substances from the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms to arouse a person’s natural healing responses or immunity. This in turn helps him to fight with diseases and establish health. Popularity of homeopathy. Homeopathy is the only system of medicine which offers curative treatment for a large number of chronic ailments (diseases of long duration) which have been labelled as incurable by other schools of medicines. Even in acute diseases, if selected properly, homeopathy gives results faster than any other modes of treatment. This is why homeopathy is gaining immense popularity day by day. It is considered the safest mode of treatment for children, elderly, pregnant women and adults.

History of homeopathy

Homeopathy is a medical science developed by an allopathic doctor from Germany Dr Samuel Hahnemann. He was a conservatively qualified physician who found then prevalent system of medicine faulty as it was based on use of large doses of crude drugs. In search of an alternative mode of treatment, he performed an experiment on himself using quinine (cinchona bark) and to a great surprise found that quinine can treat malaria because it can produce symptoms of malaria in a healthy person. From here originated the basic principle of Homeopathy- LIKES CURE LIKE AND Law of Similars. Homeopathy believes in treating the patient with minimum dose of medicine.